Early Literacy Pinterest Board

Winter is quickly approaching and while that means building snowmen and sledding for you and your little ones, it probably also means that you will be trapped inside a lot of the time, looking for something to do. While you could come into the Marshall District Library and utilize our resources, attend storytimes or play in our Early Literacy Play Area, you could also check out the Library’s Pinterest page.

The Early Literacy Board is updated on almost a weekly basis and includes links and information for all of the toys and activities in our Early Literacy Play Area, rhymes and play activities done during storytimes, Crazy 8s activities and preschool-appropriate crafts.

If you have any questions or would like additional Early Literacy activity ideas please call (269-781-7821 x15) or stop by the Youth Desk to talk to a staff member.

Happy playing!

“Why You Should Go to Storytime”

Since the redesign of the library’s website I have been diligently blogging about the importance of Early Literacy and storytimes at the library and in the home. While I am more inclined to write them because it is part of my job description, I do them more because I am passionate about creating a literate society. Not only that, but I truly get excited when I have children see me outside of the library and tell me how big an impact I have had on their life, or just want to tell me how much they enjoyed storytimes with me in the library. Even something as simple as a preschooler saying they  know me tells me I have made an impact on their life! This is what being a librarian is all about; this is what it means to live in a literate society.

I could sit here and recite more statistics and research studies in regards to the importance of storytimes than anyone cares to read about. I’m not going to do that today. Instead I am going to take a slightly different approach and urge everyone to look through Library Hoots post on “Why You Should Go to Storytime.”

After reading her blog maybe you will see storytime in a different light, or maybe you will be inspired to come to the library again. What I hope is that you and your child(ren) will pack our storytimes and be just as excited to be at the library as we are. So, consider this your personal invitation to join me and Miss Mariah at our next storytimes (you can find our events calendar here) and if you have any questions please contact the library at 269-781-7821 x15.

Hope to see everyone soon!

Ms. Anna

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